Friday, February 19, 2010

So, unless you've been living under a heterocentrist rock the past year, you've heard of the Ugandan "Kill the gays" bill. In case you were under that rock, let me solve that.

  1. Watch Kill the Gays, and all their friends too!

  2. Watch Americans encouraging Kill-the-gay sentiment in Uganda

  3. and finally, watch Richard Cohen on the "Kill the Gays" legislation on Rachael Maddow (1/2) and (2/2)

So, if you WEREN'T seeing red, I bet you are now. I sure as hell am.

The Kill-the-Gay's bill is *Right Now* being discussed on the floor of the Ugandan Legislature, more-or-less as I type. It's likely to pass i the next few days or weeks, as opposition has not been able to drum up very much support. It's hard to call people to fight against something that, if they fail, will mark them personally for death as gay supporters.

The Nazi mentality is not dead, it is alive and well in the hearts of the Ugandan Government, and in those AMERICAN, supposedly Christian leaders of "The Family" - people who enjoy weekly and even daily TV broadcasts throughout the United States, with huge viewerships of ignorant sheeple. Their money and ideas are infecting not only their immediate followers, but also the entire uneducated world, and my firends, you and I are the ONLY people aware enough to know about it.

I realize that makes me sound a lot like a conspiracy nut, but these are not hidden secrets, these are plain, boldfaced screaming facts, on paper. President Obama addressed the issue directly to The Family at their "American Prayer Breakfast" a few weeks ago (see a clip here). But even this clip doesn't get the whole picture right, as you've already seen in clip 1 above!

There is a group of government cronies in Uganda planning the systematic genocide of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people within, or associated with their nation, including any and all supporters: a bloodshed that would chill your bones.
Where is the outrage? Where is the blockade? The threats of changing government aid into direct aid to the people (instead of funding the government and trusting them to care for their people)? Where is the call to American action against the groups here at home who are instigating an entire nation to violence? Isn't "incitement to violence" a crime in the USA? Why are these "Family" member not in prison, waiting trial before their peers?

And why am I still here?

It might be because I'm depressed about other challenges in my life, but part of me really wants to gather up my swords and other beating-and-hacking things, and go to Uganda and mount a one-man coup until they shot me down. Where is the UN call to arms? Where is the Security Council's sanctions and peacekeeper forces maneuvering in the neighboring nations, or within the UN bases in Uganda? You can't prevent natural disasters like the Haitian earthquakes, but you can prevent human disasters, if you care to. There are endless fundraisers for Haiti, from grassroots efforts to massive, bipartisan government efforts, including two former presidents besides the current one who put the others in charge of it all. How many fundraisers have I seen for protecting living Ugandan LGBT people? 2. Two. TWO. II. There might have been more, but no-one paid enough attention to them for even me to notice... how many have you seen? Oh, and both of these were lgbt lobby/support missions, the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and IntegrityUSA, an LGBT org in the Episcopal church. It's probably not just Haitian organizations running fundraisers for Haiti. I'm just sayin'.

Do we not matter to them?

It's these kinds of things that make a man snap... it's these kinds of things that should make a world snap into action. But we have learned nothing, it seems, from the history of the world, from Hitler, Mussolini, TzeDung, Kim Jong-il, or the rest of that litany of human evil? Will we sit by and let history add names to the list, or will we gather up as a race, as a family, and strike down those who would tarnish our fragile existence with hate, mass murder and genocide? Apparently, yes, we will sit by, as we did each time before, failing to "get involved" until someone decided to attack us personally.

Good men, looking the other way: The American Motto.

Who wants to buy me a plane ticket?

~Warren Huber

PS. I didn't know who to tag on this, so if you're confused, it's probably because I think you can either help spread the outrage, or because i think you're not outraged enough.

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