Saturday, November 22, 2008

Argument for Christian Homosexual Marriage

Argument for Homosexual Marriage:

  1. There are no unambiguous condemnations of homosexuality in Scripture
    1. And no condemnations at all of loving, committed homosexual relationships.
  2. Though marriage is described in terms of heterosexual relationships, those descriptions are not innately exclusive to heterosexuality.
    1. Marriage is clearly indicated as the only holy context for sexual activity between people.
    2. There is no direct establishment of homosexual marriage.
    3. The definition of marriage both in Scripture and society has always been an evolving, emerging one.
  3. Science tells us that sexual orientation cannot be meaningfully altered,
    1. and that attempting to do so is not merely ineffective, but harmful.
    2. Though it is within God’s power to change any aspect of a person, it is the experience of homosexual Christians that God does not choose to do this in most (and perhaps all) cases.
  4. Believing Christian homosexuals do not feel called to lives of celibacy.
    1. Some do; this refers to the fact that there is a majority (or any at all) who do not.
  5. Jesus tells us that the basis of all of Scripture and its Laws is love.
  6. By 3., it is unloving to ask homosexuals to attempt to change their orientation.
  7. In relation to 4., it is unloving to ask homosexuals not called by God to celibacy to be so.
  8. Because of 5., we must interpret all Scripture in such a manner that love is clearly the cause and goal of the interpretation.
    1. "Love your neighbor as yourself" means that, in cases that one does not have personal experience, one must put oneself in the others' places to understand how "love" might be expressed to "you, the other".
  9. By 6., 7., and 8., we cannot ask homosexuals to change, nor to be celibate against their sense of God's calling.
  10. By 9., and 1., we must conclude that there is a Godly place for and active, loving, committed homosexual relationships.
  11. By 10., and 2a., and despite 2b., we must conclude that the Godly place for homosexual relationships is in (homosexual) marriage.

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